Erica Edwards - Women's Leadership Summit NV

Erica Edwards

Erica Edwards currently leads the Strategy and Productivity teams for PepsiCo’s North American Beverages division.  In this role she leads the creation of the long term strategic plan for the manufacturing and warehouse side of this business, including the plans for how products will be manufactured most efficiently, what automation projects will be implemented, and what locations will produce and distribute Pepsi products all over North America.  She also leads the team that oversees productivity including Lean Six Sigma and the implementation of all efficiency projects across the business.

Erica started her career with General Mills after graduating from USC.  She spent almost five years with that company in various manufacturing and project manager roles, learning the fundamentals of manufacturing and leading teams.  In 2005, Erica left General Mills to join Pepsi as a warehouse manager in the San Diego facility.  She quickly moved up to bigger and broader positions of leadership, gaining experience in both the warehouse operations as well as plant and manufacturing operations.

She became the Plant Director for Pepsi’s Torrance, CA facility and after successfully leading that facility for a couple of years, she was asked to lead the design and opening of a flagship facility in Las Vegas, NV.  Following a successful few years, she was then promoted into a position of regional leadership, overseeing all seven plant facilities in the Pepsi Beverages California Region.  Erica is a true lead-by-example type of leader, who believes in developing talent and cultivating a strong culture of teamwork.  She is an inspiration to many, as she has forged new paths in the PepsiCo manufacturing and warehousing side of the business, as the first female to ever lead the Strategy and Productivity at the corporate level.

Outside of work, Erica is very devoted to her family, and has managed to lead a very successful career while never forgetting her roots and what is important to her.  She leads a very active life and when you meet her, be sure to ask her about her alter-ego!

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